All In A Day's Work: Traffic Cop Casually Sets Up Road Cones Before Sinkhole Collapses

April 27, 2016


This is a video of a hero traffic cop in China casually setting up road cones to divert traffic around a collapsing sink hole after he notices the ground begin to crack. Based on the way traffic is behaving, I'm surprised drivers even went around the cones instead of taking their chances driving straight through them. It looks like a free-for-all. Same goes for my neighborhood. Everybody likes too see how fast they can go down the residential streets and treat stop signs like they're a suggestion you can choose to ignore if you want. "You're the worst driver of them all." Whatever, sidewalks and yards are safer than the street.

Keep going for the eventual collapse.

Thanks to Cameron, who agrees that's one hell of a pothole.

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