Alien Facehugger Ski Mask And Chestburster Sweater

April 26, 2016


This is the Alien Facehugger ski mask and Chestburster sweater available for preorder from Mondo. The ski mask costs $30 and the sweater $85. Unfortunately, there is no money-saving combo pack available. That's a shame. Obviously, I'm going to wear the facehugger mask to work one day, then the sweater the next day and see who gets it. Nobody will though, because I work with a bunch of dingdongs. Not at Geekologie, by the way, at my day job. "Which is?" Dildo repairman.

Keep going for one more shot of the mask and one of the sweater.



Thanks to Dunc, who wants a Predator head ski mask, which I think already exist but can't remember because my brain is like a cloud of burning oil a shitty truck leaves when the light turns green.

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