Ahahahahha, I Want It: Custom R2-D2 Leather Derby Hat

April 21, 2016


This is one of the made-to-order R2-D2 Leather Derby hats available from Etsy shop TheBlondeSwan, who, for the record, was never an ugly duckling. Kind of an awkward looking teenager though. The hats cost around $600 and there aren't any pictures of a person actually wearing one though which is a shame because if I'm going to spend $600 on a hat (which I never will unless that hat is made out of at least seven $100 bills), I want to see how ridiculous I'm going to look in it first. I guess I'll have to settle for Photoshopping the hat onto an existing picture of myself. Too bad I suck at Photoshop. Somebody want to do it for me? "Just send me a picture of yourself." Awesome, I just did, let me know when you get it. "Got it. But why is the file attached called GWFireinbutt.jpg? Is that what you meant to send?" Yes it is. "And do I want to see it?" Absolutely not, but you should look anyways.

Keep going for several more shots in case you were wondering what the back looks like.




Thanks to me, for at least acknowledging I'll never be dapper enough to sport a derby hat.

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