Adventure Time BMO & Princess Bubblegum Dr Martens

April 6, 2016


These are the Adventure Time themed BMO and Princess Bubblegum boots available from Dr Martens (previously: Jake and Finn versions). The BMO's cost $135, Princess Bubblegum $150, and I just added the BMO ones to my birthday list. Granted nobody will get them for me, but they're on the list anyways. Right between 'a new lock for my apartment door' (I've had to kick it in too many times after losing my keys) and 'economy pack of toilet paper' (I've been using Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer newsletters). What can I say, I'm a practical birthday list maker. "You put '10 Ferraris and a treehouse mansion' at the top." I just keep hoping one of you is a rich gay prince who wants to take care of me.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the Princess Bubblegum ones.






Thanks to TRAVTRAVTRAV, who told me to put my ass-kicking boots on and meet him in front of our rival gang's hideout but I showed up in flip-flops and we are dead now.

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