Above And Beyond: One Man's Epic Journey To Rescue A Stray Dog In Skyrim

April 12, 2016


This is a story told by gamer and author Patrick Lenton via Twitter of his epic journey to rescue a stray dog in Skyrim. It was no simple feat. In order to adopt a dog in Skyrim, you have to have a proper homestead and already adopted children (via the Hearthfire expansion) that take a liking to the dog, and this proved on the difficult side for Patrick. Me? I never adopted any children or pets. I married a lizard woman and that was that. Granted I haven't seen her since the second week after the game was released, but I just assumed she'd left me. Presumably for someone who didn't spend a week straight of game time in a town on the other side of the map making and selling iron daggers trying to boost their smithing skill. Please, come home, Shahvee -- I was only trying to provide for us. Okay, fine, I was getting drunk and starting every fight I could. I miss the way your little horns felt on my back when we slept.

Keep going for the whole story from start to finish.







Thanks to SamTheMan, who didn't even bother getting married in the game because he knew the life of the Dragonborn was a solitary one.

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