Youtubers Get The Opportunity To Play Hitman IRL

March 10, 2016


Remember the first person shooters that Chatroulette participants got to play (HERE and HERE)? Well now Realm Pictures is back with a first person Hitman game controlled by some of their favorite Youtubers. Players tell a real life Agent 47 what to do while he navigates a giant mansion filled with targets to assassinate and other objectives. It was most impressive and made me wish I had been invited to participate. But noooooo, I never get to do anything fun. The last time I had fun was two years ago. I would have made a great Hitman. Last week I hit my neighbor with a rock while he was mowing his yard and he didn't even know it was me. Fine, maybe that was the last time I had fun.

Keep going for the game, as well as a behind-the-scenes video in case you want to see how it all came together.

Thanks to Tangy, who wants to play Crash Bandicoot IRL.

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