Your Cat's New Best Friend: A Roomba Robot That Sprays And Mops Hardwood Floors

March 18, 2016


Because mopping floors is for Cinderella and she's married now, this is the $200 Braava jet, the latest Roomba style robot from iRobot. It sprays cleaning juice out of the front and mops it up with different cleaning pads that probably cost a fortune. I can't imagine it does a very good job anyways though because the key to mopping is ELBOW GREASE. You have to punish that floor with the mop, let it know you mean business. I usually press so hard the mop handle breaks. Then chase my roommate around with the broken end pretending like I'm going to spear him. One time I really did spear him. Then I made him mop up all the blood before I'd take him to the hospital because I'd literally just mopped. No respect, that guy.

Keep going for a promotional video for the thing.

Thanks to Lizzy, who agrees the key to mopping is getting the best smelling cleaner. I've got that shit that smells like flower petals.

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