You Can Get Inside!: Crocheted X-Wing Fighter Blankets

March 2, 2016


These are the crocheted X-wing fighter blankets designed and crafted by Michelle of MJ's Off The Hook Designs. You actually put your legs into the body of the X-wing, and you can keep your hands warm in the engine pockets. Pretty clever! If you're good with a needle you can find the pattern to make your own HERE. If you are not good with a needle you can beg somebody who is to make one for you. Needles make me faint. "It's not that kind of needle." ALL needles make me faint -- I am a very sensitive creature. Plus my grandma used to poke me with a knitting needle if I didn't finish my plate at dinner AND sleep in a dresser drawer in the haunted attic.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Adam, who knows the artist and

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