Tony Montana Style: Chair Made From Real AK-47's

March 25, 2016


These are the chairs built from real AK-47 rifles by Austrian designer Rainer Weber. The rifles were dismantled so they were no longer operational, then welded together to form the chairs. I like the animal print upholstery, I thought that was a nice touch. You know, in case you were worried people wouldn't know just how tacky you are by the AK-47 chair alone, it has to be animal print. You have to contact Rainer for the price if you're interested, which I just did because I want one very badly. But I want mine with way more guns. Imagine the Iron Throne but with guns -- that's what I want. And if it had a built in soda fountain, well, diabetes aren't going to get themselves.

Thanks to vishal, who wants a thrown built out of grenades. Heck yeah, or ninja stars!

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