Time To Eat: Bento Wristwatch Has A Tiny Meal Inside

March 16, 2016


This is a video of a watch with a tiny bento meal inside. Why? Because Japan, that's why. You see those two prongs that were just ejected from the side of the watch? TELESCOPING CHOPSTICKS. I shit you not. I shit myself, yes, and more frequently than I'm willing to admit and I'm willing to admit two to three times a week. Whatever brand boxer briefs my mom buys me must be making a killing.

To show off its agriculture skills, Kyoto-based Takii Seeds created this clip (read: publicity stunt), roping in a master watch craftsman to design the timepiece, a plastic surgeon to cut the vegetables, a famous chef to cook the tiny food, and a diorama hobbyist to put everything in this 30mm-diameter wrist bento. It's teeny-tiny, but so cute and packed with vitamins and minerals.

You know what would be even cooler than a watch with a tiny meal inside? A watch with a tiny PERSON inside. And if that person was super smart and knew all the answers for all the tests I took in high school that would be awesome, although of little use to me now because high school was many moons and many pairs of boxers briefs ago. Still, it would be cool to have a little friend. It would be cool to have a big friend. It would just be cool to have a friend. Maybe you'll be my friend? "You're a sociopath." Is that a yes or a no? Remember your answer may affect being stabbed.

Keep going for a video of the watch, but skip to 1:35 if you just want to see it in use and not how it was made.

Thanks to JD, who told me he invented a shrink ray and invited me over to see it but when I knocked on the door nobody answered and I fear this may be a 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids' kind of situation.

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