The Suvet: A Suit/Duvet Mashup For Sleeping Anywhere

March 29, 2016


This is the Suvet, a suit/duvet hybrid designed by UK based Jurys Inn Hotel Group to encourage folks "to reclaim their lost sleep by wearing nap-enhancing clothing." Plus it encourages others to catch up on their rest too because I would totally put my head on your shoulder and fall asleep. I do it people on the bus all the time, and they've probably never even heard of suvets. I have slept on some bony shoulders. One guy even recited me a bedtime story he memorized. Just kidding, he was talking to himself. Then all of a sudden and ran off the bus and started fighting a trash bin. To this day I have no idea what that trash bin said or did to make him so angry. It looked personal though.

Keep going for several more shots of my new suit. Except not in white. That's gonna be dirty as shit before lunch.





Thanks to Liz, who agrees why stop there, they should make a combination suit/bed with sleep numbers and the whole nine yards.

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