Solar Eclipse Captured From 35,000 Feet Aboard Flight

March 11, 2016


Note: Make sure you have the volume on. The eclipse is cool, but it's the guy's excitement and commentary that really make the video.

This is a video of the March 8th solar eclipse captured by astronomer Mike Kentrianakis at 35,000 feet aboard an Alaskan Airlines flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Honolulu, Hawaii. He is very excited about it. Oh my God! Here we go! Look at that curved shadow! Oh my God! I wish I got that excited about things. The last time I got excited about anything was when I ordered a six pack of chicken nuggets and got seven. That was 2014. Keep in mind that is how little it takes for me to get excited, and it hasn't happened in two years. I'm starting to think I might be chemically imbalanced. *blows into breathalyzer, reads 0.00* Oh yeah, that's my problem.

Hit the jump for the video and FEEL the excitement in the air.

Thanks to Ali, who once viewed a solar eclipse from the surface of the moon and said it was actually kinda lackluster. Really? *crosses off bucket list*

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