So That's What That Looks Like: Jurassic Park With The Dinosaurs Removed

March 2, 2016


This is 'Park' a two minute clip from Jurassic Park edited by Youtube channel Vidslpode to remove the dinosaurs. Where did all the dinosaurs go? SPOILER: My bedroom. *wink wink, nudge nudge* Just kidding I don't know where they went, I only wish it were my bedroom. I don't care if I have to tear the roof off, I would be ACCOMMODATING. That is just the kind of lover I am. Plus experienced. "You didn't even know what your penis was for a month ago." Listen -- making love is a learning experience, and I got held back two grades.

Keep going for the video.

  • (.。o○

    crazy i also made "Park" but in 2010 & with all of jurassic park 2 //

  • Frag Monger

    It's a bit like those videos of animals that have been captive all their lives and finally see the outdoors for the first time.

  • Guesticle
  • shashi

    prefer Dylans early work

  • Guesticle
  • BatmanJesus

    "Welcome, to park" killed me.

  • It looks like a film where trees became extinct and they cloned them.

  • the antagonist

    That's dark...

  • Jenness

    They should remake the entire thing as if Global Warming and Machines destroyed all plant life, then Terminator, then small group of people find this one island and old man was 10 yrs old (Dad botanist, Mom dead because all the mom's are dead in all fairy tales) - and he's spent his life perfecting it and this is where they rebuild the human race. But oh no - one machine survived....and it's coming to get them...and it's huge with smaller killer machines - and there you go. BAM! I'd like my millions you fancy Hollywood filmmakers paid out in fiddies!

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