So, It's Come To This: A $550 Champagne Machine Gun

March 23, 2016


This is the Champagne Gun, a $550 gun shaped champagne bottle holder that can be used to spray people Super Soaker style. You can't actually pump it or anything though. You actually have to remove the cork from a champagne bottle, mount the bottle in the gun, cover the hole of the bottle with your finger, shake it up, THEN spray everybody. That makes it infinitely less cool than I was expecting for $550. Alternatively, just pour champagne in a real Super Soaker. Did I just blow these people's minds? I feel like I just blew these people's minds. Just remember folks: champagne is dangerous. One time a friend hit me with the cork when he was opening a bottle and I had to wear a pirate eyepatch for two weeks. "You were hit in the leg." Fine, maybe I just wanted to wear the pirate eyepatch.

Keep going for a short clip of the future of rap videos.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees somebody should start selling carbonated water in bottles that look like champagne bottles and rake in the cash. And it should be called Fauxpagne.

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