Smart Thinking: Dump Truck Ends Road Rager By Dumping His Load On Highway

March 31, 2016


This is a short video from Turkey of a dump truck driver who abruptly ends the ride of the road rager tailgating him by quickly dumping his load of dirt in front of the vehicle and blocking the highway. Apparently the driver had previously had an altercation with the SUV, presumably because they felt he wasn't going fast enough, or wouldn't honk his horn despite everyone clearly making the universal gesture for honk your horn. What a hero. The only thing that would have made it better is if it were all cow shit, and the car had crashed into it Back To The Future style. Also I love how Biff yells, "I hate manure!" like everybody else is in love with it or something.

Keep going for the video, then question whether giving that elderly couple driving slow the finger is what Jesus would do.

Thanks to Barnaby, who agrees this is why road rage is best saved for people driving Priuses, three-quarters of of which are Lyft or Uber drivers.

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