Pretty!: Phone Cases With Real Pressed Flowers Inside

March 23, 2016


These are the beautiful pressed flower phone cases made by Etsy shop HouseOfBlings. They cost $17-$20 depending on the make of your phone. Some are just decoratively arranged pressed flowers, but I really like the ones that were made to look like little trees. I like little trees. I am what you might call a bonsai expert. Just kidding, I am what you might call a guy who's killed countless bonsai trees. I think I always over-water them. Sometimes I wish trees could talk. 'Heeeeelp, he's killing us.' I take that back, I like trees being silent. If trees could talk could you imagine how loud the woods would be? Falling asleep on a camping trip would be a nightmare. Plus all the trees would probably start gossiping about the size of my penis and the next thing you know I'm getting love letters from mountains and rivers that want me to get them pregnant. I'm more than just a massive earth-shaking penis, you know. Okay, well technically by weight I actually am 99.95% penis. If this article were my body, everything non-penis would just be the period at the end of this sentence.

Keep going for a bunch more examples, but they have tons more designs in their Etsy store.














Thanks to Allison, who told me she wears flowers in her hair. I'm not sure why she told me that, but maybe it's code for something. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy moon.

  • Alright, now I happen to be a proud Etsian myself, and I don't like to disparage or cast dispersions upon other Artisans, however... I don't know that I feel comfortable with the pricing on these being an indicator of... Ummm... Things. Making stuff isn't easy. GOOD resinwork isn't easy, in the least. Under $20? Man... I just don't know. Less than comfortable, that's all I can say.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Damn, Nature! You pretty!

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