Portable BBQ Grill That Looks Like Classic Red Toolbox

March 23, 2016


This is the BBQ Toolbox from SUCK UK, a portable barbecue grill in the form of a classic red toolbox. "You're a BBQ toolbox." Damn right I am, I love grilling and I don't care who knows it. Unless you're the local fire department, in which case I was nowhere near that park on Saturday. The grill is available for around $100 - $120 depending on where you buy it. Me? I am going to just convert an old red toolbox I buy at a yard sale into a grill and save myself some serious dough. Or say I'm going to do that then never get around to it because yard sales start early and I like to sleep in on the weekends. "Sleep in how late?" 7AM. "That's not late." 7AM Monday morning.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Billy The Child, whose preferred nickname was presumably already taken.

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