Oh Wow: Richie Jackson's Insane Skateboarding Tricks

March 22, 2016


This is a video from Thrasher Magazine of New Zealand skateboarder Richie Jackson's insanely creative skating tricks. He really pulls out all the stops. Clearly, this man views the whole world as his playground. I had to stop skateboarding in high school after I broke my arm trying to ollie over a recycling bin. That was the second time I broke my arm in the same place. The first time I broke it snowboarding. Now I have a titanium plate and a bunch of screws and pins in there holding everything together. Technically, yes, I give cyborg handjobs.

Keep going for the video and try not to be impressed, I dare you. SKATE OR DIE.

Thanks to PG, hands down my favorite movie rating. Fun for the whole family.

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