Oh Wow: Professional Wrestler's Pokemon Entrance

March 16, 2016


This is a video of Insane Championship Wrestling's Joe Hendry entering a match against Mr. Anderson. He made a Pokemon themed video to play before his entrance. It's weird. There's even a stabbing and a lot of fake blood. Now that's a recipe for a great video. A recipe for a great evening? Me, you, a bottle of pinot noir and a hot bath. What do you say? "Your bathtub is disgusting." It really is. I'm ashamed of it. The last time I sat down in the tub I had to go to the doctor. "You got sick?" No, I got a bottle of travel shampoo stuck in my anus. Always look before you sit, that's the lesson here. "Are you sure the lesson isn't 'Don't try to pass the bottle of travel shampoo in your anus off as an accident?'" You saw through that, huh? I can't help it, my butt gets curious.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to carey, who wants to see a Back To The Future themed wrestling entrance complete with DeLorean and flaming tire tracks.

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