Oh The Humanity!: Beer Truck Crashed Into Chips Truck

March 31, 2016


In news that can only be described as a crash made in heaven, a truck carrying Busch beer products collided with Frito-Lay truck in Brevard County, Florida, sending hundreds of beers and bags of chips onto the interstate. Now that is an accident I would actually stop for and offer to help clean up.

"Neither driver was hurt, but you had Doritos and Busch beer all over I-95," Sergeant Kim Montes, a spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol, told NBC News. "That's like a Super Bowl commercial right there."

The crash shut down the southbound lanes of the highway just south of the Pineda exit for nearly four hours, and happened when the Frito Lay truck stopped on the shoulder of the road because of problems with the vehicle, Montes said. The semi driver was trying to avoid another vehicle when it swerved into the other truck, causing the chip truck to overturn.

I literally pray every night for a beer and chip truck accident right outside my apartment building, but nooooooo, Florida has all the luck. I mean, besides any luck unrelated to beer and chip truck accidents. And they only got this one. Poor Florida. Florida is like that friend who's really down on his luck that you kinda want to help but ultimately just start ignoring his calls instead.

Keep going for several more shots of the aftermath.




Thanks to Tom, who is not above eating and drinking things off the road. Same here, I ate an unwrapped Dum-Dum I found on my walk to the corner store.

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