Oh Right, This Is The Internet: Ukulele Batman Vs. Flaming Bagpipes Superman

March 22, 2016


Because this is what the internet was made for has become, this is a short video of Batman trying to play his ukulele in the park when he's interrupted by flaming bagpipes Superman. You know that Batman vs Superman movie comes out this week. You think it's gonna be good or gonna suck? You think one of them is going to die at the end? I hope they fight till they fall in love with each other and the second half of the movie is a romantic comedy.

Keep going for the video, then tell these two lovebirds they should go to counseling. At least a peer mediator.

Thanks to Lizzy, who agrees if it's ukulele Batman vs flaming bagpipes Superman, drum set Silver Surfer is gonna rock their faces off.

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