Oh Goodness: i-Scream, An Ice Cream Cone Vibrator

March 24, 2016


This is i-Scream, a $78 vibrator from Firebox in the form of an ice cream cone. The silicone vibrator is USB charged, waterproof, and has 10 different pleasure modes. Or should I say, 10 different pleasure a la modes. Plus it looks like a children's toy. I'm holding out for a triple scoop variety with a cherry and sprinkles on top. Plus if it's a triple scooper maybe they can fit a bigger motor inside. In my experience, if a vibrator doesn't rattle your bed's headboard against the wall and knock picture frames off the wall, it isn't strong enough. Now, which end goes where? Draw me a picture.

Keep going for two more product shots.



Thanks to Dave CW, who's holding out for a banana split.

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