Oh Goodness: Crushing Hockey Puck w/ Hydraulic Press

March 22, 2016


Because crushing things with a hydraulic press is this week's pouring molten copper on things, this is a video of a hockey puck trying its best to withstand an ungodly amount of pressure. It does not survive. It actually explodes. Like, KA-BOOM explodes. I was not expecting that. I was also not expecting an apartment inspection today, but the people in my apartment right now say otherwise. I can hear them talking about me in the other room (which, for the record, is the only other room). What does 'squalor' mean? It's not a good thing, is it? Wait till they see the roaches in the kitchen. PROTIP: If you have a roach problem, don't release mice to eat them. I learned that the hard way and, oh, hold on -- they want to talk to me about some things. Cool, I'm being evicted. HAPPY THURSDAY. "It's only Tuesday." I want to die.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who has a whole list of things he wants to see crushed with a hydraulic press but he wouldn't show it to me and now I have the sads because caring means sharing and I guess he doesn't care anymore.

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