Nailed It: Misspelled Tattoo Cover-Up

March 21, 2016


This is the tattoo cover-up some guy got after a horribly spelled original. Although I guess technically it's not a cover-up since you can still see the original. Why are so many tattoo artists so bad at spelling? How did this person not notice the error when it was happening? Why does the cover-up have a giant shit stain? "It's coffee." Doesn't look like coffee to me. I suggest a cover-up cover-up.

Thanks to carey, who is terrified of getting anything with words tattooed.

  • Tyguy

    A whole post just for this? I was expecting a menagerie of tattoos...

  • BirdyC

    Why don't the people getting tattoos WRITE DOWN what they want the tattoo to say? And why don't they insist to the tattoo artist that the spellings must be correct? My guess is that people who end up with misspelled words in their tattoos don't know spelling and grammar any better than the people who do them.

  • Tyguy

    If a word is misspelled in your tattoo, it's your fault and the artists fault. In many cases, both parties don't know how to spell. I'm sure both people know that they don't want misspelled words tattooed, but are too dumb to know.

  • Xockszky

    Haha that's good!

  • This is soooooo old. How is this new again? Everything old is new again. Circle of life. I need more coffee. Or less. Hmmm

  • iofo61

    Whatever happened to journals? You know, the things people used to use to write down sayings and other things that were meaningful to them. As a bonus, it's easier to erase or cross-out stuff on paper than human skin.

  • timeiskey

    >whatever happened to "-----"
    >kids these days

  • Elan114

    I thought the exact same thing about the stain. FAIL

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    no shit at this point just make it a Black Flag logo and move on.

  • Another 20 points removed for the use of Papyrus.

  • Xockszky

    What do they think this is, a '90s restaurant menu? At least it's not Comic Sans though.

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