More Than Meets The Eye: Transforming BB-8 Cosplay

March 31, 2016


This is a short video of a little girl cosplaying as BB-8 at WonderCon 2016 last weekend. Precious, right? She doesn't seem to know what to do with all the people around her watching and taking pictures. I wouldn't either. I do not like crowds. If a bar or restaurant is crowded I leave immediately. I have never been to a convention or concert. I don't even like my current living situation because there are three of us. And you know the old saying: two's company, three's a crowd. Although based on the 1970's television show maybe Three's Company, and four's a crowd. I don't believe that though, and one of my roommates has to die.

Keep going for the video, which includes a BONUS child Alien queen.

Thanks to carey, who agrees this girl is the cutest droid this side of Alderaan. Or any side of Alderaan, because Alderaan is in pieces all over the galaxy.

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