Mesmerizing Wooden Machine That Uses 2,000 Marbles To Make Beautiful Music

March 2, 2016


This is a worthwhile video of the Marble Machine built by Martin Molin of the band Wintergatan. It is very impressive and I wish I could build things like this, but I can't build anything, particularly not meaningful relationships.

The Marble Machine is an elaborate hand-cranked wooden machine that uses 2,000 marbles to make music. As the marbles roll through the machine they strike drum pads, a bass guitar, a vibraphone, and other elements to produce sound.

The video really is worth a watch and you'll be missing out if you don't see it. Not allowed to watch videos at work? Go to the bathroom and watch it on your phone. Not allowed to take your cell phone to the bathroom at work? Get another job, clearly you're under-appreciated there. You deserve better in life, I mean that. Geekologie: the self-worth blog.

Hit the jump for the video.

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