LEGO Releasing Official LEGO Marble Labyrinth Set

March 4, 2016


This is the official LEGO Marble Maze set being released this April. The set was designed by Jason Allemann, whose LEGO labyrinth set this one is based on I previously posted back in 2012 HERE. Well LEGO has finally decided to make it. The 769 piece set will cost $70, which seems reasonable, and even comes with an additional maze plate with a medieval theme. You know how I feel about medieval themes! I love them is the thing. I have dreams of getting married at the Renaissance Faire. "To a beautiful princess?" No. "To a handsome knight?" No. "To a fire-breathing dragon?" Two of them.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to Luc, who agrees the best Labyrinth is the one with David Bowie.

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