LEGO Model Sushi Restaurant w/ Working Conveyor Belt

March 9, 2016


This is a model of a Japanese sushi restaurant built by LEGOManiac Dr. Pei. It's filled with a bunch of unique patrons like samurai, astronauts and aliens, and even has a functional rotating sushi conveyor belt. People are so clever. I am not very clever. On my last job application under 'Sex' I wrote 'Safe Only, LOL'. I did not get the job. I guess they were looking for more of a risk-taker. I don't take chances with my penis though. You only get one after all, even if it is so small you feel like you should have gotten two. WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Thanks, Obama. "What did I do?" You know I wanted to be vice president.

Keep going for a video tour of the little plastic restaurant.

Thanks to ArtDeco, who probably wants to see a LEGO model of the Chrysler Building.

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