Learning By Looking: Chart Showing Which Superheroes Have Been Portrayed By Which Actors

March 29, 2016


Note: There is no way you can read all this unless you have a vision-based superpower. Click HERE to see a high-res version.

This is a chart showing which actors have portrayed which superheroes. This includes voice work, television and film. And as you can see from the yellow lines, several actors have played multiple superheroes. I feel like that's being greedy. There are some actors that have always wanted to be a superhero, but nooooooo, here you are sticking your hand in every superhero pot it'll fit in. Maybe you have a good agent. If you could play any single superhero (or villain), who would it be? I think I would want to be the Penguin. And I'm not just saying that I've been looking for an excuse to eat everything in sight, but I would need to gain another sixty pounds for the role. "Or wear a fat suit." A fat suit? *smacks* I AM A METHOD ACTOR.

Thanks to Tony, but presumably not Stark. Hey -- you're cooler than him anyways. I almost forgot I was trying to work on more feel-good shoutouts.

  • Amy Best

    Under the Aquaman category, you have a picture of actor Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in the Smallville Tv Series) where it says the voice actor was Scott Rummell, just sayin'.

  • C-Basstian

    You guys also missed that he fucked up Michael Rosenbaum's picture..

  • Mihos Bubastis

    There are a ton of errors on this... worst chart ever

  • Keegano

    The Catwomen were not all in movies.

  • Lou Ferrigno's name is misspelled on the chart. smdh

  • IronMant

    I demand that Vincent D'Onofrio be added as Thor for totally being Thor in Adventures in Babysitting.

  • Franklin

    Not nearly comprehensive, but not bad. Missing Nathan Fillion, Lucy Lawless, David Boreanaz, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kyle MacLachlan just to name a few.

  • Vliegs

    Nathan Fillion should be on there for Green Lantern

  • Rob Green

    Where's Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman?

  • Jeff Buehring

    I'm not sure, but I think this only counts if the show actually aired. Adrianne's show only had the pilot and didn't air.

  • archer923

    It might be put as a bonus feature with the Wonder Woman movie. Like the other abandoned DC shows that got axed. But this list is missing a fair bit.
    Also, Green Lantern should have the main 3. Not all in one list. Because if they combined GL. Then they're missing when Don Cheadle, was using an Iron Man suit.

  • Madz

    I don't think the pictures are correct.....

  • PopcornJoe

    Wheres Fillion?!?!?!?

  • Bluemanda

    Thank you! I was here just to demand the same thing.

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