KABOOM!: Jupiter Just Got Smacked With An Asteroid

March 29, 2016


This is a video of Jupiter getting smacked with what's believed to be an asteroid or comet. Or at least that's what the governments would like you to believe. But I know better. That was an alien spaceship. Baby Superman, nooooooooo! Way to go, Jor-El.

As Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy reports, the collision occurred on March 17, but confirmation of the event only emerged this week.

Plait says that the asteroid or comet wasn't very large, probably measuring only a few hundred feet in diameter. But when it comes to celestial collisions, it's not the size of the impactor that counts. Owing to Jupiter's huge mass, the object must've have been accelerating rapidly, releasing a tremendous amount of kinetic energy on impact.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "I wish it would have been bigger." Exactly. And? "I wish it would have been earth." YEP. I really like you, you know what? How do you feel about us starting a cult together? "Can I design our costumes?" I INSIST you design our costumes.

Keep going for the video of the so close, yet so far away.

Thanks to Luc, Stephanie B and n0nentity, who agree we should build a powerful tractor beam to pull Pluto to earth and make it our moon so it gets the love it so rightfully deserves. Hang in there, little guy, daddy's coming!

  • Bling Nye

    Looks more like Jupiter popped a space pimple.

  • Greg

    True fact: Jupiter and Saturn are both like solar system vacuums that clean up shit like asteroids and comets because of their huge mass. Without them, Earth would see a lot more destruction from impacts.

  • Lauren Stephenson

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  • Greg

    Kill yourself.

  • Isn't Jupiter filled of only gas???

  • JonThomas Sankey

    Jupiter is only gas. The impactor exploded because in space, things are moving kilometers per second, sometimes hundreds of kilometers a second. When you bump into a marshmallow at that speed, there isn't a thing on earth that wouldn't explode. Yeah, Jupiter is "only gas," but gas acts a lot harder when you move very fast, like jumping off a diving board and landing on your stomach. Moving fast makes things act unexpectedly: If I was traveling at the speed of light, and I threw a gummy bear at you, the entire earth would explode into tiny pieces the instant it collided with the air.

  • Wilf Smith

    So what you're saying is, the death star is powered by gummy bears ?

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