Whee!: Jump Rope That Displays Jump Count In Mid-Air

March 7, 2016


This is the Smart Rope, a jump rope with 23 LEDs embedded in the middle of the rope that light up in front of you to display your current jump count while you're roping. Alternatively, do things the old fashioned way and count in your head. Or out loud -- I won't make fun of you provided 1. you don't get your numbers and letters confused and 2. you don't cheat and skip a bunch of numbers to make everybody think you're a better jump roper than you really are. The Smart Rope can also be paired with a smart phone to keep track of calories burned and other fitness stats. It also costs $90, making it the first jump rope anybody will care if they lose.

Keep going for a video demonstration before leaving a comment that Skip-Its had this technology 20 years ago.

Thanks to Slippy, who's too afraid to jump rope anymore after the Double Dutch Disaster of 09'.

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