But I Was Gonna Eat That: Molten Copper Versus Big Mac

March 15, 2016


This is a video of element 29 lover and Youtuber Tito4re trying to destroy a perfectly good Big Mac with molten copper. Or maybe he was just trying to reheat it. That is probably not the best way to reheat a burger. I tried to reheat a Whopper once with my girlfriend's hair dryer but it dried the lettuce and pickles out and ruined everything. Plus she got mad at me because she doesn't like me using her beauty products ever since the time I tried making a grilled cheese with her hair straightener. So you went to work with a little melted cheese in your hair, it happens.

Hit the jump for the video, the somebody take me through the drive-thru, I'm hungry.

Thanks to Alti, who agrees there should have been a Big Mac vs Whopper side by side comparison for scientific purposes.

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