I Want One: Cylindrical Glass House Built Around Tree

March 23, 2016


This is the 'Tree In The House' conceptual home rendered by the folks at A. Masow Architects. It consists of a four-story cylindrical glass house built around a tree. No word what happens when the tree outgrows the home, but my guess is some expensive roof repairs. Or, if you're a glass-half-full kind of person, the perfect opportunity to add another floor to your home. While still only conceptual, I want one very badly. I don't even care if mine doesn't have a bathroom, the world is my bathroom and it's right outside the door. Or I could just pee on the roots of the tree. Is pee good for trees? Because it's not good for my roommate's potted plants, I can tell you that. My only concern with this design is whether or not neighboring trees will rise up and attack when they realize you've imprisoned one of their friends.

Keep going for a bunch more renderings of people who live in glass houses may not actually have to throw stones to start an epic Lord Of The Rings style Ent battle.








Thanks to Bri, who agrees those stairs look awesome to fall down.

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