Hardcore: Jimmy John's Delivery Guy Climbs Over Moving Train To Deliver Sandwiches

March 30, 2016


This is a video from Jacksonville, Florida news channel News4Jax showing a Jimmy John's deliver guy climbing over a moving train with his bicycle to deliver sandwiches. Now that is a solid work ethic. I would hire this guy in a heartbeat. Although, personally, I would have crawled under the train. "You would have died." And I would have died doing what I do best. "Delivering sandwiches?" Making terrible decisions.

Keep going for the news report, but skip to 0:50 for the best footage of the feat.

Thanks to Jody, who would have jumped the train while RIDING the bike because all work and no play makes Jody a dull boy. Plus he's a part-time stuntman and enjoys the practice.

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