First Person POV Down Alpine Sled Coaster In Switzerland

March 9, 2016


This is a first person point of view journey down an alpine sled coaster near Lake Oeschinen in Kandersteg, Bern, Switzerland. The coaster offers stunning views of the countryside and a beautiful mountain range. It almost doesn't even look real, it looks like a Bob Ross painting. It is real though and you can tell it's not a Bob Ross painting because Bob Ross never painted an alpine sled coaster. They were pretty much all trees and sky and magic. Maye a lake or some birds. Many moons ago in my youth I rode an alpine coaster and I swear there was this one banked curve where if you didn't pull the brake you would fly out of the track. I always pulled the brake though, so I don't know for a FACT you'd fly out of the track, but my brother said he felt the same way so I'm thinking about riding it again and not braking then suing when I die. I have this all figured out.

Hit the jump for the video, then daydream about you and I were vacationing in Switzerland instead of the opposite of vacationing wherever the hell we are now.

Thanks to Jeffer, who would have ridden the whole thing with his hands in the air because he is brave and a very strong warrior. You know I think I'm gonna start writing way more complimentary shoutouts from now on, that felt good. I want to bring people up.

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