Finally, The Death Star Shower Curtain Of Your Dreams

March 15, 2016


Because the world can't end until there's Star Wars everything (it's in the Bible), this is the $20 Death Star shower curtain available from ThinkGeek. It measures 72" x 72" and comes with 12 shower curtain hooks INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. That seems like a fair deal. My shower curtain has dolphins on it. Plus black mold spots. My girlfriend doesn't like showering at my place, and I don't blame her. I don't like showering at my place. I don't even like living here. I spelled out 'HELP' in the soap scum on my bathroom window, but I fear it's not coming. Of course from the outside it reads 'ꟼ⅃ƎH', so there's really nobody to blame but myself.

Thanks to Lydia, who has one of those periodic table shower curtains because she is into science. Me? I am just into not flooding my bathroom when I shower.

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