You're Out!: Father Saves Son's Cell Phone Distracted Face From Loose Bat At Baseball Game

March 7, 2016


This is a shot of a father saving his son's face from a loose bat during a recent Pittsburgh Pirates vs Atlanta Braves training game in Kissimmee, Florida. Apparently the boy was deep into a game on his cell phone when the bat got loose, and if it weren't for the reflexes of his father, would be looking significantly more black and blue right now. Would it have been wrong to let the bat hit him to teach him a lesson about paying attention to your surroundings and not playing games on your phone at a baseball game? I'm asking for a friend who hopefully doesn't already have children.

Keep going for one more shot a millisecond after of the bat wrapping around the kid's head.


Thanks to JB, who would have caught that bat then broken it over his knee because he doesn't take shit from no flying bats, not even Batman.

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