Dare Devil Dive: Ride Along On The First Virtual Reality Roller Coaster In North America

March 17, 2016


This is a video from the folks at Theme Park Review (nice job if you can get it) riding the Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia, the first virtual reality enhanced roller coaster in North America. The virtual reality makes you feel like you're flying around shooting alien spaceships. Based on the reactions of the guys riding it, it's a solid experience. I don't know if I could do it though. I used to love roller coasters when I was a kid, now they make me sick in the stomach. I am an old man. Technically an undead warlock. My penis is already a fossil.

Keep going for the video, then somebody take me to an amusement park.

Thanks to carey, who promised to buy me a funnel cake but never delivered. Now what am I going to puke?

  • Ninja_Cricket

    so 3000 sweaty people using the same headsets on a hot august day? Yeah, no. I'll pass.

  • Gilbert

    That was my thought too...

    My wife's response was "I'm sure they clean them, like those 3D glasses at the other parks"... Ummm... I doubt they really do...

  • Brock

    Nice, 90s VR too. Look out for Jobe!

  • DefaOmega

    Ultimate Challenge: Ride a roller coaster backwards while doing it forwards on VR. Bonus Points for surviving.

  • palpable ovaltine

    When the person next to you vomits in your lap, pretend it's alien guts. Alien infestation of your body is simulated by the risk of lice.

  • Bling Nye

    I was thinking more when the person vomits in front of you, you won't see it, so you won't know to shut your screaming mouth before it gets filled with a stranger's puke.


  • Gilbert

    That. Was. F*&^ing. Nasty.... Thank you for an image/thought that I will need to burn out of my mind with plenty of rum, STAT!

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