Damn Richer People: A $5.5 Million Personal Submarine

March 2, 2016


Trying to figure out what the first check you're going to write with that $105,000 fountain pen is going to be? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER, because here's the $5.5 million Triton 6600/2 personal submarine. It's allegedly "the world's deepest diving acrylic hulled submarine." Is that true? No clue, I have done very little acrylic hulled submarine research, so I'm not really sure what's on the market. At my local market? Precooked shrimp $9.99/pound.

Its diving depth is reflected in its name, as it's able to get all the way down to 6,600 feet. It does so slowly, topping out at 3 knots (3.45 mph or 5.56 km/h), but the long dive down shouldn't have you stressed out since the battery will provide enough power for up to 10 hours, with enough air for up to 12. There's even a reserve 96 hour tank of oxygen so you really don't freak out. The clear hull is the thickest ever, yet is said to be "optically perfect", which is good since looking around is all you'll be able to do in this sub.

Obviously, I want one, but even more obviously from the holes in my shirt and shoes, I'll never be able to afford one. The closest I'll ever come to a personal submarine is slipping all the way underwater in the bathtub. Sad but honest.

Thanks again to Max, who, for two tips in a row, wins my undying love and affection. I take tips seriously.

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