Cookie Monster Using iPhone's Siri To Help Bake Cookies

March 17, 2016


This is a commercial for the iPhone 6S featuring Cookie Monster using the phone's hands-free Siri capabilities. You think Cookie Monster is losing his shit right now with all the Girl Scout Cookies around? I know I would be am. I also know I've never used Siri for anything. If I need something I search for it myself because talking out loud is how people hear you and you never know when there are spies around, even at the grocery store. I don't even talk to people on the phone because of spies. "I doubt a spy wants my mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe." Well it must not be a very good recipe then.

Keep going for the commercial. Also, I love how Cookie Monster has at least four containers of cookies in his kitchen but is still baking more. The guy really is a cookie fiend.

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