Concealed Gun That Folds Up, Looks Like Smartphone

March 21, 2016


This is the Ideal Conceal Pistol, a $395 pistol being produced this summer that folds up into what looks like a smartphone. It's not a phone though, so you're going to have to find one to call 911 after you accidentally shoot a friend.

The Ideal Conceal is a double-barreled .38-caliber derringer. The button that transforms it into pistol form also serves as its safety. It has a hammerless firing system for ease of use

I'm going to be honest, that's a pretty shitty looking gun. Especially the grip. Besides, I don't need a concealed weapon anyways because I open-carry my FISTS. *does a couple air karate chops* Pretty intimidating, right? Hey -- help me tape forks and knives to my knuckles.

Thanks to Tony, who agrees it's only a matter of time until somebody accidentally answers their gun.

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