Close Calls: Roadside Reporter Saved From Getting Hit By Car At Last Second

March 10, 2016


This is a video of KTVU San Francisco Bay Area reporter Alex Savidge almost getting hit by a car during a live news report. Thankfully, Alex's cameraman Chip Vaughan yelled at him to get out of the way, which he managed to do just in the nick of time. This is exactly why news reporters shouldn't report from the side of the road. Not only is it already inherently dangerous because 12 out of 10 drivers are texting at any given time, but by setting a camera up on the side of the road you're encouraging people to rubberneck to see what the hell is going on. OH SHIT ARE THEY SHOOTING A MOVIE OVER THERE? IS THAT JOHN KUSACK? You don't need to be standing on the side of the road to report about things that happened on the road. You can be sitting in a hot tub surrounded by bikini babes for all I care because 1) I might actually watch the news if that happened and 2) I'm not going to believe anything you have to say anyways because you're the local Fox news affiliate and half your job is being something for my grandpa to fall asleep to, and the other half is scaring everybody to run out and empty the grocery stores if it's supposed to snow half an inch tomorrow. I'm kidding, local news is important, somebody interview me.

Keep going for the report, as well as a video of Alex's emotional reaction afterwards after returning to in front of the camera.

Thanks to Sam The Slammer, who I suspect is either an amateur wrestler or a POG.

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