Clever: A Matchbook Of Little Emergency LED Flashlights

March 16, 2016


This is the $32 MBI Matchbook, a set of 8 emergency LED flashlights in the form factor of a traditional matchbook. Each flashlight lasts about 8 hours so you get 64 hours of light from a matchbook. Obviously, they don't produce very much light at all but "can be useful in an emergency when the only alternative is dark." Another alternative: carrying a much brighter emergency flashlight. Me? I carry an emergency torch. And not how the British call flashlights torches either, but an actual torch. Like the kind you would see Indiana Jones waving around a treasure room somewhere. I'm oldschool. I made it out of an oily rag I wrapped around a human arm bone. Don't ask me where I got the arm bone. "Where'd you get the arm bone?" It fell off an enemy in battle. "Fell off?" I chopped it off. "Enemy?" Technically just a neighbor.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video I did not watch (honesty is the best policy).



Thanks to Stimulus, who has laser vision and doesn't need flashlights.

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