Clever: A Matchbook Of Little Emergency LED Flashlights

March 16, 2016


This is the $32 MBI Matchbook, a set of 8 emergency LED flashlights in the form factor of a traditional matchbook. Each flashlight lasts about 8 hours so you get 64 hours of light from a matchbook. Obviously, they don't produce very much light at all but "can be useful in an emergency when the only alternative is dark." Another alternative: carrying a much brighter emergency flashlight. Me? I carry an emergency torch. And not how the British call flashlights torches either, but an actual torch. Like the kind you would see Indiana Jones waving around a treasure room somewhere. I'm oldschool. I made it out of an oily rag I wrapped around a human arm bone. Don't ask me where I got the arm bone. "Where'd you get the arm bone?" It fell off an enemy in battle. "Fell off?" I chopped it off. "Enemy?" Technically just a neighbor.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video I did not watch (honesty is the best policy).



Thanks to Stimulus, who has laser vision and doesn't need flashlights.

  • BiggyD!!!

    These things have been around for years, just not in the form of a matchbook. I saw the lights themselves about a decade ago in a fishing shop, they were originally intended to be attached to a fishing float to enable you to fish at night. Here's an ebay page full of em... though they are still expensive as hell

  • Billy Maxwell

    Useless and expensive! How stupid.

  • MustacheHam

    These are cute but not needed personally, because I have the ability to breath fire.

  • TheQiwiMan

    "Hey guys, look at this tiny little LED light!"

    "That's pretty cool."

    "Wanna buy it for $4?"

    "No way. Only a crazy person would buy a crappy little LED light for $4. I got this more powerful light here on my key-chain for 99 cents!"

    "..........wanna buy EIGHT??!?" *drool trickling down chin*

  • whacko

    Clever idea, but not $32 worth of cleverness. A good pocket flashlight can be had for under $5 and can provide 20-30 hours of much more usable light. Even more if you pack extra batteries.

    Also, why red/yellow LEDs instead of white LEDs which would generate a brighter light for no extra power? Are they just trying to look like matches for no reason?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Alright the whole premise is shaky but the actual lights are pretty well thought out. I mean, magnetic base? The switch mechanism is weird. "Push on diode to light, Pull diode to turn off". Seems like that would end badly.

    And the fact it comes in something the size of a matchbook is cool because of how easy it would be to carry a pack but not cool because it would be super easy to lose. I for one hate losing $30 or more. I hate losing pennies but 3000 of them... I'd have to spend hours in my angry dome to recover.

    Oh and they're disposable. I don't like that one bit. If you drop the individual light's battery life and added a recharge capability from within the matchbook it would be a significantly better product. At 8 hours burn time per light that's not a great hour to dollar ratio at all.

  • whacko

    Or, if there was only one "match" that could be stood up but remain connected to the match book, and the entire matchbook was a rechargeable battery. With this arrangement you could probably get a brighter light with longer batter life.

    It still wouldn't be worth $32 to me, but it would at least be more useful and reusable.

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