City Subway Maps In Super Mario 3 Overworld Map Style

March 4, 2016


These are a series of North American city subway maps reimagined by artist Dave Delisle to look like the overworld maps from Super Mario 3 (plus one Mario Kart themed). You can buy prints of all the maps on Amazon HERE. This is the D.C. map I used for the main pic. The end of the red line, Shady Grove -- that used to be my stop when I lived in Maryland. I have many a fond memory of drinking beers on the roof of the parking deck of the Shady Grove station before heading to a concert somewhere downtown. Just kidding, that never happened. In the make believe version of my high school years that happened though. I was also the star of the football team and had many female suitors who would leave me love notes by slipping them into the vents in my locker. In reality though I didn't even make JV marching band as a senior and the only notes I got in my locker were extorting my lunch money because that bully Jeff Ragland saw me throw away my poopy underwear in a bathroom trashcan during 4th period even though there's no way he had a hall pass to be there.

Keep going for eight more cities, the last two of which are GIFs.









Thanks to Daniel P, who doesn't believe in public transportation because he has a personal jetpack and is making me jealous right now, which I assume was his intention from the start.

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