Bye, Florida!: Global Warming Heat-Activated Coffee Mug

March 16, 2016


This is the $14 Global Warming Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. As the mug is heated, the continents' coastlines just melt away. And not good melt away like stress after you get home from a long day's work and take your shoes and socks off and crack open a beer. Bad melt away like ice cream you really wanted to eat. Now I want ice cream but I don't have anything in the freezer but Otter Pop freezies. And now I'm going to have to eat like eight of them to make up for not having any REAL ice cream. It's like how yesterday I had to eat a whole package of Chips Ahoy to make up for them not being Girl Scout Cookies. My brain is great at justifying things, just f***ing awful at everything else.

  • armywife4

    Florida, California, Washington DC , and New York gone what is the down side to this exactly?

  • Deksam

    Someone reported my my totally legitimate anti global warming message as spam and got it deleted... THANKS ANONYMOUS FREE SPEECH NAZI!
    But yet actual spam is left to thrive here... LIEBERALS..... ugh!!!

    Fuck that guy who reported my comment as spam, so I am reposting the comment here...

    Cute, but highly inaccurate. As Ice is the expanded form or water, the Ice pushed up out of out of the ocean is the actual expansion of that water.
    So if all of it were to all melt it would take up less space, however the ice it had pushed up and out would equalize that loss in mass.
    Only the ice already on land would cause the oceans to rise.
    I saw a fear mongering video that stated, the oceans would rise 25 feet if all the ice on Greenland melted. But there is only enough ice on the island to raise the oceans by maybe 2 feet.
    But according to Gore all this ice was supposed to be melted a few years ago anyways so... =P

    [I now have this comment saved so I can repost all i want.]

  • Kind of want to report your comment now...
    Not because of it's content... Just to be a jerk...

  • Deksam

    They usually are.
    Just like the lieberals who interfere with Trump rallies.
    Don't they know that is exactly the kind of behaviour that makes the silent masses get up and vote for their opposition?

  • Munihausen

    Both Florida and California largely wiped out - making America great again!

  • Deksam

    Hahaha, That's good!

  • Jenness

    The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is a good name for the people who invented this.

  • barbara thomas3

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  • armywife4

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  • We´re going to live in Water World, i tell you!

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