Biodegradable Urn And App-Controlled Plant Incubator For Growing A Tree From The Ashes Of A Loved One

March 18, 2016


This is the Bios Urn and Incube, a biodegradable urn and app-controlled plant incubator you can use to grow a tree from the ashes of a deceased loved one. Or hated one, you don't have to have liked them to grow a tree out of them, you just need their ashes. Alternatively, use them to make a potion.

The Bios Urn slides right inside the Incube, the device is filled with water, and then the Incube sensor is placed on top of the soil.

The sensor monitors light levels, soil and air temperature and humidity, soil conductivity (for assessing fertilizer needs), and the status of the seed/tree, and then automatically waters the urn for optimal growth. The Incube holds about 3 gallons of water (which the company says is "enough to nourish your seed or tree for an average of twenty days"), and includes a pump for delivering the water from the reservoir to the soil. The data from the sensor is sent via WiFi to an app on your phone, where it can be used to track the growth of the tree no matter where in the world you are.

Sure it's not exactly rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, but not everybody can be a Phoenix. Some people are just trees. Or, if you're any of my friends that die before me, weeds. Personally, when I die I want my ashes spread into Mount Doom. No wait -- I want my corpse fed to sharks and I want the whole thing broadcast into space so aliens know what an awesome bitchin' dude I was. Shit, why even wait for me to be dead, start chumming the water and I'll dive in now.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Rebecca, who is going to use the ashes of a loved one to grow a lime tree and make margaritas.

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