Bad Dog, Bad: Dog Crashes Truck Into Tree, Gas Station

March 7, 2016


This is a shot of the aftermath In Minnesota of a dog that drove an 18-wheeler across the street from where it was parked, over a curb, into a tree, then into a parked car. I suspect he'd been drinking. Just water though, he is a dog after all.

The whereabouts of the truck's owner and/or person who put the truck in gear were something of a mystery. Police believe the dog jumped into the front cab while the truck was sitting in neutral and somehow managed to put it in drive. One thing the police could definitely confirm though? "All I know is it was a Labrador," said Police Cmdr. Dan Schisel.

I'll tell you where the truck's owner was -- at the Riverside Suites MAKIN' LOVE. Or at least making something that kinda sorta resembles love but in reality is much, much sadder looking and may or may not involve a novelty sex product bought for 75¢ out of that gas station's men's room. *puts on detective hat, examines tire tracks* I suspect it was a French tickler.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees its a shame the dog didn't reach up and honk the horn.

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