Backpack Looks Like Nintendo Entertainment System

March 17, 2016


This is the $40 Nintendo Entertainment System backpack available from ThinkGeek (although I also saw Spencer's selling it for $30 and Amazon for $34. Shoot, you might be able to find one at a yardsale for $10 and haggle them down to $5 and throw in an oven mitt you can pretend is a Power Glove). It even has realistic power and reset buttons and controller ports. It is the perfect backpack for letting everyone know you are an oldschool gamer. Oldschool gamer cred is important to some people. It is not important to me. You can tell me I don't know shit about oldschool video games and I would agree with you because I don't want to start a fight because when fights start people die and the last thing I need is another dead body on my hands. Somebody would miss you. They would not find your body though.

Keep going for some closeups. I looked at myself closeup in the mirror yesterday and discovered a white nose hair. Crazy times.






Thanks to Jacob, who's holding out for a SEGA Genesis messenger bag and be holding out for a long time.

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