Apple Demonstrates Their iPhone Disassembling Robot To Promote Their Recycling Efforts

March 23, 2016


This is a video of Apple demonstrating Liam, a robot designed to disassemble iPhones so the parts inside can be recycled. Pfffft, I don't need a robot to disassemble a phone, my phones like to disassemble themselves. Spontaneous disassembly I like to call it. "You break them." They fall out of my pocket and die horrible deaths on the sidewalk. "You should get a case." I just ordered one of those flower cases from the last post. With my luck I'll break my phone putting the case on. I need a life coach. "I'll be your life coach." Awesome. TAKE ME OUT, COUCH. "Don't you mean, 'Put Me In?'" No I absolutely do not. I just want to sip Gatorade on the sidelines and eat orange wedges.

Keep going for the propaganda video about Apple's recycling efforts.

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