Another Mai Tai, Captain: A Floating Tiki Bar Boat

March 22, 2016


This is a Cruisin' Tiki boat built by Greg Darby of Cruisin' Tikis. The boats are Coast Guard compliant and cost around $21,500 complete with motor, controls, bar chairs, shore power and fresh water connections. They can be customized with fridge, wet bar, LED lighting and more. Or you can get a motorless version for $16,500 if you just want to rope it to a dock and not go anywhere. Me? I want to go places. Mostly to the beer store, it's been a rough week already. "Need a hug?" Very much so. Wait -- how hard are you going to hug? "Till you can't breathe." Get over here, you!

Keep going for several more pics. You can see a Facebook video of one cruising in Fort Lauderdale HERE.




Thanks to Jessie, who agrees a drink in a pineapple sounds mighty tempting right now.

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